A 501c3 organization

New Everlasting Community Outreach, Inc. (NECO), a non-profit organization, was formed out of the compassion and commitment of its founder and CEO Jamaine Parish. New Everlasting Community Outreach and its community members are committed to strengthening vulnerable families and communities. New Everlasting's 6-year history is marked by a strong sense of community service and activism. NECO serve some of the needs of more than 5,000 residents on an annual basis, from Out-of-School Hours Activities to the annual Englewood Community Fest. These services are free to the community and widely attended. The community continues to support activities offered by NECO and have expressed the need for expanded programs and services. 

NECO serves individuals and families in low-income areas of Chicago, predominantly in the Englewood community in which we are cantered.  Presently located in the Englewood Neighborhood, we serve residents of the 6th Ward and beyond. Currently NECO's focus is on basic computer training and development of men, women and children.  Our community partnership approach starts from the premise that no single factor is responsible for violence against women and children, poor economic conditions and stability, homelessness, child safety, or drug abuse.  Family safety and strength depend on connection with a broad range of people, organizations, and community institutions. Our goal is to ensure all vulnerable families have access and the necessary training to be self-sufficient.

Every summer we partner with the One Summer Chicago program, providing employment for our youth whereas it's an alternative of making honest pay and advocacy for youth to be off the dangerous streets. A very preventive measure of gang related violence.

Every summer we partner with the Archdiocese of Chicago & Department of Public Health with providing a food sited location for youth to eat hot breakfast and lunch 5 days a week which is another approach to having youth off the streets

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower residents to share in the responsibility of building community through pooling resources and forming partnerships. We will accomplish our mission by developing innovative performance-based projects and programs to address issues of Community Engagement, Economic Development, Education, Children/Youth and Family. 

Our Vision

We envision today's underserved communities becoming self-sufficient liveable communities for individuals, families and organizations. Communities strong and nurturing in positive thought and behavior in the home, community and marketplace. 



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