About Us

New Everlasting Faith Ministries is an eager body of believers working to convert sinners to Christ one soul at a time. A thriving ministry led by Pastor Jamaine Parish, who is an licensed minister since 2003, and ordained elder and pastor since May 30, 2010.

New Everlasting Faith Ministries was founded 2008 as an extension ministry of the For His Glory International Fellowship and became a dwell church with congregation on May 2, 2010 and is continuous growing year by year. Our faith statement is defined and adopted of the COGIC doctrine.  We also believe in the operation of the 5 fold ministries: the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor, and teacher.

We welcome the sick, the bound, the weary because at New Everlasting Faith Ministries Jesus is alive and working miracles in every service!!! We come together as believers to give God praise and glory and to hear the word of God. To fully equip the whole manand  to minister to the world. Our desire is for the world to know Jesus Christ through us. Lastly, to render a heart of compassion to this Englewood community in which our ministry is housed. Here, at New Everlasting Faith Ministries, we welcome th needs and concerns of those that have entrusted us the most and thats the community. Where we fall short, it is our desire that our 501c3 organization, New Everlasting Community Outreach or NECO will be our anchor



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